Seasonal Cycles and the Glory of Spring

Asian medicine grew out of many traditions that correlate health with living in tune with nature. It is by living in harmony with nature that we learn to flow with life’s changes and adapt to our current life circumstances.

Spring is a time of vibrancy in nature. The trees wake up as the amount of daylight increases and the earth warms up. It is a time of growth and expansion after the quiet and restfulness of Winter. In Winter, we take the time to see what ‘seeds’ we want to plant for the next year, and Spring is the time to take action by planting those ‘seeds.’ Spring correlates with youthfulness and new beginnings. It is the best time of year to make decisions, and to initiate changes and new projects.

Spring is associated with the element of Wood and the two energetic pathways or meridians that travel directly to the Liver and Gallbladder. Although these meridians are named after the two organs they serve, they are a part of a larger energetic system and have many attributes and correlates. For example, disruptions in the function of the Liver and Gallbladder energetic systems can result in problems such as depression, headaches, eye problems, and digestive disturbances and difficulties in movement due to joint problems. Imbalances of the Liver and Gallbladder meridians are also related to poor planning, decision making, and vision for one’s future, which can result in frustration and irritability, and anger.

Suggestions for having a meaningful spring:

  • Start a garden or window box and watch your plants grow and flourish. Contemplate the process of the seedling sprouting, growing, giving, pulling back and transforming. Or, visit a greenhouse!
  • Just as you would spring-clean your home, adjust your diet to include foods that cleanse the Liver and Gallbladder, such as spring onions, lettuce, lemons, limes, and dandelion and other greens.
  • Get outside and exercise. Movement activates the liver and gallbladder organ systems, lifts the mood, and strengthens the muscles and tendons which stabilize the joints. Stretching and walking are excellent forms of exercise and are a great way to celebrate warmer weather.
  • Look at areas in your life where you express irritation and frustration. What is this telling you? Try planting seeds of patience!


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