Sesame Oil Massage (more extensive)

This tones and moistens the skin and keeps the muscles warm. It is very beneficial for people (such as the elderly) with very dry and fragile skin.

Approximately 5-10 minutes

You will need:

  • 1 cup of refined sesame oil from health food store
  • an old towel

There are three possible ways to heat the oil:

  1. Put the oil in a small plastic or glass cup and place that cup in a bowl of very hot water until the oil is skin temperature.
  2. Put the oil in a glass container and microwave it for about 10-15 seconds, or until skin temperature. Very carefully test a small amount to make sure it is not too hot.
  3. Heat the oil in a ceramic aromatherapy vessel that uses a candle in the bottom as a heat source. Again, use caution, and heat the oil no hotter than skin temperature.

Once the oil is warm, put your towel on the edge of the tub so that you have a soft place to sit while you apply the oil. Be sure the towel is secure and cannot slip. Alternately, you can sit on a non-skid plastic stool which has been placed in the bathtub or shower. If neither of these options is feasible, try placing a sheet of plastic on the floor underneath the location where you will be doing the massage.

Begin by applying about a tablespoon of oil to the head, and then massaging the oil into the scalp with a circular motion, using the palms of your hands. Continue massaging the face, ears, temples, and then the neck area, using both the palms of the hands and the fingers.

Use a circular motion to massage the shoulders and elbows. Use long strokes on the upper and lower arms. On the chest and abdomen, use large circular motions, and work in a clockwise direction. Move your hands up and down, in straight strokes, on the sternum (breastbone). Reach your back as best you can, using up and down strokes.

Use vigorous strokes on the legs, massaging them as you did the arms. Use the remaining oil for massaging the feet, being sure to massage between the toes. Bathe or shower with warm (not hot) water. shampoo the hair. You may choose to not use soap except for the axilla (arm pits) and genital areas. Dry off vigorously with your towel. Pitta types (ruddy complected, strong digestive fire, assertive people) can substitute sesame oil mixed with coconut oil, especially in the summer.

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